B13, odd clunk noise

George Roffe geo31 at suddenlink.net
Wed Jul 20 15:43:09 CDT 2011

I do believe we are talking about the mount at the firewall.
If so: There is a bracket that attaches to the gearbox with 3 bolts of differing lengths. The engine mount is attached to the subframe brace and it slides up between the sides of the bracket. The bolt for this mount has a "pencil tip" end and threads into the bracket.
If you're willing to deal with the PITA of trying to slip a bolt (without the pencil tip) through the hole left by drilling out the threads in the bracket, there is no reason you cannot use a nut and washer on the bracket.
That said, Wayne is right, there must be so many spares lying around, just have someone mail you a bracket. Hell, I may even have one in my garage, but it would take me a year to find it and six months to mail it.

---- Wade Jackson <srwadet at cox.net> wrote:

I'm pretty sure it goes into the transmission. I have been told that you do not need all the bolts in that mount and some people run without that very hard to install/remove bolt. I think my problems are related to the passenger side mount where the metal collar surrounding the rubber is sliding inside the ring that attaches to the engine. I will try to install a new ES insert in there tonight.


---- wc701lists at bellsouth.net wrote:
> On 7/18/2011 8:28 AM, Wade Jackson wrote:
> > My transmission just started doing this on my B13 race car after paying someone to change the clutch. Last night, I discovered that the firewall motor mount was not tight.
> > I tried to tighten it but the 17-mm bolt appears to be stripped.
> I haven't taken one apart in years. I remember the bracket straddles
> the rubber mount, and bolts up to the transmission. Does the bolt going
> through the mount thread into the transmission, or threads on the bracket?
> If it's the bracket that is threaded, replace it. Should be someone
> here with a cheap spare. If it threads into the tranny, that's a big
> PITA. You probably have to do a helicoil to fix the threads.
> -Wayne

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