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If I could just find a front end...
On Apr 26, 2011 8:19 AM, "Jeff Hager" <submarinesammy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Do you have a posting for your NX? I'm looking for a new daily driver.
> Sammy.
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> Here in FL I have "bought" my totaled cars from insurance companies
> times, including my NX2000 which is now for sale, and it only cost 10
percent of
> their offer. They stroke a check for the difference. They consider it
scrap and
> assume they'll get that 10 percent at auction. I do not know if that is a
FL law
> or insurance company standard.
> I can tell you my car has sat neglected for many years, with several ex
> and girlfriends asking when I'll fix/get rid of it. May be time to move on
to a
> new project.
> Matt
> On Apr 24, 2011 4:58 AM, "Brax Sisco" <xenex at bardstowncable.net> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> I've not been active on the list (ever) but have been a member since
>> 1997 or so. But I ask for some help/advice. My '97 200SX SE-R was
>> recently rear-ended (totalled) by a Fed-Ex truck while it was legally
>> parked on the street. The car was pretty much mint before this, no
>> wrecks, no body damage, and I bought the car new.
>> The wreck is now in my driveway. I've spent a good deal on
>> aftermarket parts, and I've removed the easy bits, strut braces, POP
>> charger, and minor cosmetic bits.
>> I've really cared for this car, and meant to keep it a long time. It
>> still has a full set of UR pulleys, a gen 5 hotshot header, a JWT ECU,
>> '91 intake cam, a powder-coated valve cover, heh, and I've changed the
>> oil every 3000 with Mobil-1. The motor is immaculate.
>> The insurance wants to offer me $4300 for it and TAKE it. I would
>> never have been willing to sell it for that before the 'accident.' And
>> they want to give me about $3000 for it if I keep the car. I believe
>> I'm being screwed here.
>> I could easily pull the ECU, but I have no stock one to replace it
>> with, so I'd be willing to sell that cheaply. I could also swap out the
>> header, I have the original, but I'd have to do some work. (I did
>> install the header myself.} Can't do the pulleys myself, too hard.
>> I've never had to deal with something like this before, so I ask for
>> advice, what would any of you do in this situation?
>> Thanks all
>> Brax
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