Value of NX'n?

Greg Amy grega at
Thu Mar 10 09:54:55 CST 2011

>'s due for emissions this month (passes by adding in a couple
> gallons methanol and backing the timing down to 15*).

Passed emissions again today. Set the base timing to 10, added in 2
gallons denatured alcohol, CalumSult VE tune.

HC  102 on 188 limit (181 in 2009)
CO .54% on 1.00% limit (.59%)
NOx 646 on 2188 limit (2116)

Now we get to try it in 2013 with the N1 cams...

> Needs a battery, which I'm doing this week...

The Optima Red Top is fine; the damn thing just needs to be driven more...

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