Ghost in the machine (was Quickie TB cleaning)

Jeff Hager submarinesammy at
Wed Mar 9 13:44:24 CST 2011

I wondered about ethanol myself and even set off to a marina that sold 100% 
gasoline still.  I did notice a slight bump in MPG but only tested 3 tanks full. 

>Hmm.... good point about the 10% ethanol potentially being a source of the 
>problem.  Back before I sold my turbo SE-R in 2005, the last few months >it 
>developed a random hot-start issue whereas it had run perfectly for years 
>earlier.  Cold start was no problem at all, but every once in a while trying to 
>>start it hot required a lot of cranking.  It would catch eventually after 10 
>seconds or so of cranking.  Was that around the time ethanol was starting to be 
>>introduced heavily into gasoline?  Maybe the 1990s fuel systems don't like 
>ethanol quite as much.

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 9:23 AM, Larry Martin <bizznzman at> wrote:

Excellent thought although mine is a nearly daily driver and I replaced the 
injectors (stock OEM) three years ago thinking the same thing.  Still, it is 
possible.  I wonder, shouldn't 10% ethanol fuel keep some of this to a minimum?  
Or could it conversely be part of the problem?
>--- On Wed, 3/9/11, Khiem Dinh <spdracerut at> wrote:
>From: Khiem Dinh <spdracerut at> 
>>I haven't read all the messages... but with the cars sitting for so long, maybe 
>>some type of leaky/stuck injector syndrome?

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