Quickie TB Cleaning

JaretR1 at aol.com JaretR1 at aol.com
Tue Mar 8 10:19:22 CST 2011

I dont have anything real to contribute to this discussion....other than I  
have had my SE-R sit for about 2 months at times and it has ALWAYS started 
on  the first crank (except when the battery was dead).  That alone 
continues  to amaze me.

> I've let SR20s sit for extended periods, and just about  always had
> trouble getting them to start / idle.  Holding the  throttle wide open
> often gets them firing -- which makes me think  they're prone to
> "flooding" but I can't think of any place in there for  fuel to puddle.
> And then they seem to require some driving time to  "clear out" what ever
> was bothering  them.
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