Quickie TB Cleaning

wc701lists at bellsouth.net wc701lists at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 8 10:03:52 CST 2011

On 3/8/2011 10:49 AM, Lawrence Weeks wrote:
>> server can't handle it.  Don't you have to pay like $5 per kb over
>> 1000 per month?
>> ... running and hiding...
> Ok, so where'd that Naji filter go...
> Larry

Oh f***!  That's going way back  ;)  Cliche as it is that's a "LOL". 
Great to hear from y'all every now and then.  We should do this more 
often.  Thanks, Larry, for keeping your overpriced server going for 
nearly, what?  15 years.  And scoring those wheels from Tire Rack for me.


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