Quickie TB Cleaning

George Roffe geo31 at suddenlink.net
Tue Mar 8 09:16:05 CST 2011

Wayne Cox wrote:

I've let SR20s sit for extended periods, and just about always had
trouble getting them to start / idle. Holding the throttle wide open
often gets them firing -- which makes me think they're prone to
"flooding" but I can't think of any place in there for fuel to puddle.
And then they seem to require some driving time to "clear out" what ever
was bothering them.
You know, this jogged my memory. I am pretty sure I had the same issue when I installed my freshly built engine, my DET, and when we swapped my old engine into our LeMons car. Anyway, my point being that I had to do this with even a freshly built engine. Strange. I thought it very strange at the time - it's something you'd expect with a carbureted engine.
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