Quickie TB Cleaning

Jon Pennington cowboydren at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 04:09:07 CST 2011

'94 G20t is having trouble; been parked for almost three months. :(

I replaced the radiator-side motor mount, and since starting it up to
roll it off the ramps, it just won't idle. I can hold the throttle
open and maintain 2000 or more RPM, but if I let go, it stumbles to
dead. The CEL came on a few months back, indicating a problem with the
EGR system, but the light reset itself, and I didn't think much of it;
idle was weak, but driveable. I think that I also knocked a sensor
plug off during the MM replacement, but simply haven't had time to
chase it any further.

This weekend, weather permitting, I'm going to charge the battery,
inspect the sensor harness to see if something's loose, and I'm going
to look at the TB/EGR plumbing, too, just to move the car. If I don't
have the full 30-45 minutes or so to disassemble, spray, and brush the
entire TB/EGR system, is there -one- joint, one hose, one hole that I
can check and scrape/hose down to get the car back to life

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