2011 Nissan-Infiniti National Convention

Kieran A. Lavin kieran at kieranlavin.com
Thu Jan 13 06:19:18 CST 2011

With the activity on this list lately, I'm embarassed to admit that I have overlooked this mailing list when getting the word out for the upcoming convention.  I've used forums, facebook, twitter, e-mail, texts, but I missed this list :(

Anyway, it's in South Jersey in August of this year.  I'll hopefully be spending some time updating the website this weekend but all of the information is there:


For those that don't know, we are offering an early-bird track purchase.  Basically you purchase your track event, help us get some money in the bank early, and if/when we break even (I have faith that we will) we will refund $100 of your registration or you can use it toward the rest of the convention registration.  Anyway, details are here:


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