1991 SE-R w/ GTI-R in Florida

Andy K andy at tag-tag.com
Tue Nov 2 16:28:03 CDT 2010

Hello everyone,


I'm not sure if anyone on here would be interested but I'm trying to sell my
1991 SE-R project car. Life has gotten in the way of working on the car for
far too long. It has spent the last 5 years in my garage just taking up
space and I'd really love to find a new home for it. Anything goes on the
car. I have no problem selling it along with everything I have, or parting
it out. I took some pictures of everything, but I don't mind taking more if
anyone is interested in something in particular.


The chassis and original engine (which I also have) has a little over
124,000 miles on it. It's a 1991 so it's the high-port design. The engine
was very strong up until the day I pulled it out to put a Gti-R engine in
it. After that I had it running but the engine ran very rich. I think it had
something to do with the ECU/wiring and that's where the project ended. 


A few pictures of the car and other parts I have can be found here:




Here's a list of everything I have:


1.	1991 SE-R chassis with Rota Circuit 8 wheels
2.	1991 SR20DE engine. This engine is in great shape with 124,000 miles
on it
3.	SR20DET from a Pulsar GTi-R. It was said to have around 60,000 miles
on it when I bought it from Miami. It ran well, but just rich from the ECU
problems. Compression was fine when last checked. Completely rebuilt T-25
4.	HotShot Front Mount Intercooler kit
5.	Stock 5 speed SE-R Tranny - no 5th gear pop-out problems ever
6.	AWD transmission that was included with the SR20DET
7.	ACT Clutch
8.	SAFC II Air/Fuel Controller - still in original box. Never used. I
suspect this will fix how rich the engine was running
9.	A-Pillar gauge pods for oil pressure and Boost
10.	Magnaflow exhaust
11.	Big box of misc parts
12.	Box of misc wiring pieces and parts. Plus another ECU.


I'm willing to part with everything for $2000, obo, or I'd be happy to part
it out. I live in Fort Myers, FL.


I hope someone on here is interested in a project.. I am really upset that I
never got to get it running how I wanted, but I'm getting married in a
couple weeks and need to make room, not to mention I could use the money :-)


If you're interested shoot me an e-mail off-list.







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