FW: funky brake weirdness

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I meant to reply-all but early in the AM on the blackberry, I screwed up....

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When my abs sensors finally went, it was very similar to what you're describing.  A VERY unsettling feeling when trying to use the brakes.  I think the abs started worked even if I lightly used the brakes at higher speeds.  It got worse after the first incident too.  I tested the abs (there was something in the fsm regarding testing with the ignition and brake pedal or something like that to get the abs light to blink) and it showed two bad wheel sensors.  From there, I pulled the fuses so I could safely (and confidently) use the brakes.  I was in the process of researching how to replace them (looked to be a total pita) when Ray just made up my mind by ripping the abs computer and some other stuff completelt out of the car.  Problem solved :)


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Felt a little alarmed after driving the G20 tonight.

Several times (twice on stops from higher speed, e.g. freway off ramp,
though once pulling into a parking spot) braking was fine until ca.
10mph when the pedal starts kicking back like the ABS is activating
(though not as strongly) and braking response (IOW stopping power) goes
crap. Reaction: !!? ABS light in cluster does not go on.

Background: on one occasion, in January, I had some funky ABS symptoms -
cluster light on, ABS appeared to not be working when I tested it.

Other background: drove car to MI this weekend. Other than a failed
drive to jump-start the battery in early April, the car has sat in my
garage since late Jnuary. I don't drive a lot.

It is as if there is something funny going on with a wheel speed sensor.
Felt somewhat like ABS was activating when it shouldn't have. Any of
y'all had  something like this happen? I won't have time to diagnose
this for a week and a half or so, unfortunately.

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