jump packs and trickle chargers

Kieran A. Lavin kieran at kieranlavin.com
Mon Mar 1 10:08:14 CST 2010

The jump pack doesn't have a plug?  It should.  I know on one of mine I need to keep an eye on it and recharge it every once in a while but on the other, I can leave it plugged in and it'll prevent it from overcharging.

For tenders, I got one a few years ago from Sears for like $25 and it works great despite the practically dead battery in my SE-R.  Much more than leaving the car sitting 2-3 days and the battery goes dead.  I got another from Harbor Freight for $60 or $70 a few months ago that actually does a quick overcharge to allow you to bring a completely dead battery up to enough charge to start it.  Well, sure enough a few weeks ago I went to start the SE-R and the Sears tender was on 6V so the battery was dead.  I plugged the quick charge in and within 5 minutes I was able to start the car.


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