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Tue Aug 25 10:59:27 CDT 2009

Who sanctioned the auto-x?

Tim Rogers

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 11:32 PM, Jon <turboser3006 at> wrote:

> I went to the auto-x this weekend. I suppose I should share how I got
> there. I was playing GTA4 when it occurred to me a real car would be a
> lot more fun. Part of the allure of auto-x (for me) is I can try some
> possibly stupid things and the probability of something catastrophic is
> near nil. I didn't even clip a cone the whole day. In trying some stupid
> things, I like to think I learn something about my car and/or driving in
> general that may save my bacon some day. I really want to explore the
> limits of my car a bit in a safe, controlled and legal environment...
> I had met a coworker who was there driving a Subaru WRX. He was in front
> of me on the grid and we were driving our 4th and final run. As I'm
> driving about half way through the course, I get red flagged... and it
> turns out my coworker had wrecked into a light pole. Noone was
> injured... the pole won the contest however and I don't think the WRX
> will see the road again. It started to catch fire and they hosed that
> chemical powder all through it. I think in the end it was bad course
> design, there were several other cars that got close to that pole. The
> way it was set up there was a pretty fast slalom at the finish and cars
> tended to get sideways there and head for the pole. The incident really
> wrecked my mood along with it. I got a rerun, but I just wasn't as into
> it. I think he is also going to have a hard time with insurance...
> Jon Davis
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