Another One Bites The Dust

Ron A atteber1 at
Tue Mar 17 10:03:41 CDT 2009

Re:  I was wondering, along with what area you live in, what value the insurance company estimated as the total loss.?

I was told the car was in really good condition. I had done things like replacing the back seatback upholstery and driver's seatback with factory upholstery. The interior was in great shape. The exterior was reasonable. I had dropped collision several years ago, so it was good that it was the other person's fault. I had to haggle with the insurance company, but they gave me $2065, I believe, plus the car, which was valued at $250, salvage. I live in Atlanta.

I stated on the Craigslist ad that my price was firm; that I would convert a Sentra myself if it didn't sell. That would have been fun, sort of.


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