Another One Bites The Dust

Ron A atteber1 at
Tue Mar 17 08:47:01 CDT 2009

Before Christmas, my 92 Classic got t-boned while I was making a left 
turn on a left turn arrow. The lady came out of nowhere. Kind of made 
the car a "U", in a mild way. It was toast. It was a quiet hit. No glass 
or plastic broke. Just nailed the passenger door. So ends an era for a 
car I bought in 1999 with 97k miles. It ended up with 302k miles and was 
going strong. I ended up selling the car "as is" on Craigslist. The 
person who bought it is going to convert a Sentra to an SE-R. I'd like 
to see how that comes out, but when I called to give him the salvage 
title, he wouldn't call me back. Go figure.

When the insurance company was trying to figure the value, they plugged 
in the mileage. Just for fun, I had them plug in 200k miles. The value 
stayed the same. I guess when you hit 200k or maybe less than that, hit 
don't matter how many miles you put on her.

I miss the car. It was fun and reliable. I did more with that car than 
any other I've owned. I felt like I could do most repairs. I'll stay on 
the list, but I've enjoyed being here and the people I've met.

Ironically, I was reading about a base Nissan Versa in Consumer Reports. 
They were noting how the base Versa had roll up windows, manual door 
locks and manually adjustable seats. Hmmm, sounds like my SE-R. It's 
amazing how expectations change.

Ron Atteberry
92 SE-R, probably in pieces somewhere

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