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Kevin Hart bowlcut at
Mon Mar 16 10:38:11 CDT 2009

Only real gotcha I ever ran into is the nature of how axles are rebuilt.
Our outer part shares the same diameter and pitch on the flutes as say a
ford escort.  Only thing different is that the ford part is longer.  So ive
seen many rebuilds with ford outter axles and makes it hard to get the axle
into the hub without full disassemble of the suspension.  Its because when
they get the busted axles back, they just bin sort them based on diameter
and if it fits into a certain hole.  then they get rebuilt by batch.

So YMMV, but ive had decent luck out of O'Riley's axles on most of my daily
drivers.  If it was a car that was more than a daily or stock hp....i might
consider raxles, but the hefty price of them is all that stops most from
using them more.


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On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Raymond A. Kawski <rkawski at>wrote:

> Be carefull not all autoparts stores give you good stuff.  Most offer
> lifetime gaurantee because you will need it.   I forget where you are Jim,
> but you could call Marty at raxles and see when he could have them to you
> by.   Usually 3 days.
> RK
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> I picked up 2 axles for my sister's car recently from AutoZone, and they
> were marketed as new axles.  I didn't need to bring the core back.  I use
> AutoZone axles in my DD B13 and they've been fine for years.
> Eric Waterman
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Jim Wright <wrightj at> wrote:
>        My fault for not being more clear...  I don't want to go mail order,
> I
>        just want to pick one up at a local parts store this week (spring
>        break) while I have time to work on the van.  Unless there is some
>        good reason to avoid any of these brands.
>        On Mar 15, 2009, at 11:45 PM, Jim Wright wrote:
>        > For my wife's Quest.  Need a recommendation on brands, I'm looking
>        > between at Duralast (AutoZone), Master Pro Select (O'Reilly),
> Fenco/
>        > Fenwick (PEP Boys), and GSP (Advance Auto).  Pricing is comparable
>        > (PEP Boys pricing currently unknown), looking at new, not reman.
>        > Any of these I should be staying away from?
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