snap, crackle, pop go my speakers

Jon Pennington cowboydren at
Tue Feb 24 13:01:57 CST 2009

P10 G20s use 2-Ohm speakers, which is really annoying.  I'm with
Larry; skip the troubleshooting and just spend $200 and have the whole
system reworked.  Instructions are on to bypass the amps by
disconnecting and jumpering the plugs.  Speaker replacement is no
harder in a G20 than any other car (unless you have a Carbing rear
strut tower brace :] ).  Scosche makes a really neat Plug'n'Play
wiring harness that will connect just about any brand-name stereo to
the factory Nissan wiring with no crimping or soldering.  I think that
the '94 G20 used the new-style Nissan radio plug, but please don't
quote me.

Go to a stereo store, play with a CD player that you like, then go
home and find a new-in-box unit on eBay for 30-50% less money; spend
the difference on the PnP harness.  Install the deck yourself, and see
if that fixes your problem.  There's no real danger to double-amping
your system; lots of guys get away with this for years.  If you don't
get a fix, do the amplifier bypass on your own (almost free), and get
the speakers replaced.  Bypassing the amp puts the new CD player in
danger by making it run hotter because of the lower impedence of
factory speakers.  I'd go as cheap as you can with the speakers (like,
$7 each at O'Reilly); practically anything is an improvement over an
ancient factory system like yours.

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