Omer F. Khan ohmfab at
Wed Feb 11 16:29:43 CST 2009

Good call, George, I forgot my Power Steering pump broke too.  Damn, 
that was a pain to get out too I can't remember how I missed it.

Speaking of Bimmers, a friend of mine just bought a 135i.  I like it a 
lot.  He is convinced, however, that the car is magnetically charged so 
that other cars make dents in his car even when it's parked many spaces 
away in seeming safety.

I told him he was mistaken and that the powerplant in the new 1 uses 
bmw's twin black hole turbocharger technology which is so powerful the 
car might implode at various random points throughout the bodywork.

He often drives it slow and complains about the idle hunting when he 
turns it over and its 15 degrees outside.  <sigh>  To his defense he did 
confirm that the speed limiter is around 155mph and that local police 
departments do not like it when you do 155mph.

Hunting idle?  I think everyone who THINKS they have an idle problem 
should be forced to drive a classic SE-R for a week.  Hey, at least I 
can find all my parts in the junkyard...


George Roffe wrote:
> ---- "Omer F. Khan" <ohmfab at> wrote:
> =============
> .... but parts seemed to be going
> bad at an exponential rate the last few years.
> Heh. Sounds like my friggin' BMW.
> I'm about to put my 5th PS pump in the thing (including the one it 
> came with). Those little bastards run $400 each! The shafts keep 
> breaking. I guess I should refer to it as the POS pump. ;-)
> Do you know what BMW stands for (besides POS in German....)? Bring 
> Money in a Wheelbarrow.
> George

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