Mosport International Raceway

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Sat Jan 10 07:35:51 CST 2009

Every track should have a turn like this.  Watkins Glen has the boot.  From the right-hander into the laces, the toe, the uphill, and the laces even into the slippery (in the rain) turns 10, 11, 12.  Limerock has big bend and the downhill turn taken at 80-90+ with your foot firmly planted to the floor if you have a serious set of balls (Joe Diminno and Greg Amy will confirm and those crazy bastards are probably wanting another 50HP or so with that foot to the floor there ;)  Monticello had a particularly unnerving part of the track where it was a high speed right-hand turn.  I wasn't feeling very comfortable going through there flat-out because something just didn't feel right with the car.  I felt like I was RIGHT at the limit of adhesion.  Yet I continued to go through there flat-out.  Later on in the day one of the corner workers came to me laughing as I was packing up the car to tell me that I was 3-wheeling through that section.  No, it wasn't like your situation in a GA16.  Nope, it wasn't even in an SR20.  It was in a VK45... my FX!!!


On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 07:40:13 -0500, Frank Ewald wrote
> David,
> I don't think there's anything like turn two at Mosport - although I've only been on Ontario tracks - and MIR and Calabogie are the only real tracks here.
> Come to the brink of two going uphill and unable to see what's ahead, and  then enter an off camber, ski hill like left hander that most take as a double apex and leave with a huge smile on your face - and sometimes the need to change your shorts. What a rush!
> And that's with a GA16.
> You've got 132 days to get that list of things done!
> Frank
> On Jan 9, 2009, at 9:38 AM, David Pertuz wrote:

> Geez, this makes me wish I still did track days. I sure miss them, as they are the funnest thing ever. As it is I'd have to do the whole list of things the SE-R needs and get a new set of tires. Maybe next year! :) 
> David


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