Steering rack

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Thu Oct 23 14:21:32 CDT 2008

Lawrence Weeks wrote:
> Hey you bastards, the car didn't burn from a fuel leak. It burned from
> a MAF harness short. I'm blaming mice for that.

Sorry, Larry.  Was actually sympathizing;  still have pictures of that, 
and they pain me to this day.  As for the toes -- if you are ever 
welding, wear shoes with move coverage than Teva sandals.  I know this 
personally!  I always figured the battery hot-wire must have shorted, 
but, oh well.

> Well, the STB did explode from the fuel...

That's friggin crazy what happened.  Had to be gas spraying all over, 
but you'd think it wouldn't be able to get enough oxygen to burn that 
hot.  The STB and distributor say it was plenty lean.

> And the transmission from the burned NX is my best transmission, it's
> going into the current NX with the engine.

So where did you get this thing?  You said southwest?  Did you have it 
shipped in or drive it?


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