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Thu Oct 23 12:57:21 CDT 2008

davidpertuz at wrote:
> Wayne, why is ordering rack boots a bitch? I orcered replacements for my _10 and B13 (they're still sitting in my parts box, waiting to be installed....) from Greg Vogel and it was easy-peasy-Japanesey.

I forget details... it was 3 years or so ago.  But I tried to get them 
from local places (Advance & AutoZone) and the listings were poor, and I 
think I bought 3 pairs and none fit.  So I tried to get Nissan part#s 
myself (from the Nissan u-fiche) and IIRC they are different for the SR 
& GA cars, and I ordered the wrong set.  It was only the passenger side 
that was actually cracked, and I don't think I ever did install the left 
one, and now no longer have the car.

Was that you asking about the exhaust B-pipe the other day?  I found I 
have my original down in the basement.  Only on the car for about 2 
years, though it looks rattier than that.  You can have it for a modest 
S&H charge, provided UPS will still ship them boxless.


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