Steering rack

Omer F. Khan ohmfab at
Thu Oct 23 11:00:51 CDT 2008

If the rack is not leaking now it is probably fine and since the PS 
fluid will be changed when you do your engine swap it should last you at 
least another 100k. 

My 92 has almost 250k miles on the original rack.  I did change the the 
boots on the rack last year because one was torn and the other didn't 
look much better.  I used universal boots from AutoZone that were like 5 
bucks each.  I also changed the high pressure hose and the tie rod ends 
which I got from NAPA but can't remember how long ago that was.

The fuel hose is 5/16" and I would recommend changing it.  My return 
line cracked underneath the fuel filter and it was a pain to get to the 

'92 SE-R
'99 Volvo S80

Lawrence Weeks wrote:
> Hey guys,
> So I've got this '92 NX from the southwest. Very little, minor rust,
> but dash all cracked, hoses not so good, bad suspension, etc. I'm
> going to be swapping the engine/trans in a couple weeks among other
> things.
> Thoughts on putting in a rebuilt Cardone rack in while I'm in there?
> The odo says 154k miles or so. There's nothing I notice wrong with it,
> other than both bellows being ripped up. It's "just" $250 for the
> rack, and this is the time to do it.
> Also, fuel hose -- 5/16" right?
> Larry

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