Identifying SR20 variants?

Mark Holden mark at
Mon Oct 20 12:50:05 CDT 2008

Can anyone point me to a good reference for identifying the variants of the

I recently picked up a 92 G20 to be my daily (well, I picked it up as a
parts car for my B13 race car, but the guy who was selling it didn't have a
clue and though the engine was terminal.  The alternator bearing was going
out), and it had the engine replaced at some point in it's history (230K,
think the swap was at around 100K, multiple owners back).  Anyhow, it's
still got the Infiniti valve cover, but the exhaust secondary doesn't have a
bung for the EGR, nor is there any of the stuff you usually see bolted to
the front of the head above the exhaust manifold (like the catch can, etc).
The AIV & BPT seem to be the same as the other highports I've worked on.

Anyhow, the thing that's really making me wonder, besides the EGR not being
present, is that this thing pulls waaay harder than any of the SR20DEs I've
had before, and in a heavier car to boot.  So I'm starting to wonder if I
have a JDM or EDM engine with higher compression (and if I should be running
higher octane gas!).   Any good identifying marks on the engine that would
tell me what I've got?

I suppose a compression test should give me some idea, but I'd rather get a
hard ID of the head/block that are in there.

Mark Holden
meh710 at
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