Numerically LOWER Final Drive?

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Tue Oct 7 15:40:20 CDT 2008

Greg Amy wrote:
> What would be perfect, actually, is simply a 6th gear in this existing box (mine's a factory-new one), but I can't see any easy way to do that...<shrug>

Actually, I just realized... my RSX-S *is* a 6-speed, and damned if it 
doesn't suffer the same problem  :(  It's a 4.77 final, IIRC (albeit 
with taller tires) and the ratios are stupid close together.  You have 
to grab 3rd to get to 60mph, which I don't like.  It's setup to keep it 
on the "big" cam, which is good.  But then it bops from 6,000 - 8,000 
through each gear.  Still, its 6th should be taller!  I don't know a 
number right off but it spins too fast at speed, gets unimpressive 
mileage, and the whole freakin' car is too noisy.

It's kinda interesting;  its "K" motor resembles an SR20 a lot more than 
it does older Honda engines.  86mm bore & stroke, chain driven cams... 
hmmm, seems familiar.


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