GA16 Sentra Garage/Mike K question

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at
Thu Jul 10 06:28:26 CDT 2008

I'm sure Mike knows the answer, but this is open to anyone. What gear  
were the dyno pulls done on the GA16 dyno work that was reported in  
Kojima's Garage? I just had my car on the dyno (dynopack - hub dyno)  
and I did 93.4 HP with fourth gear pulls - 4th being the closest to a  
1:1 ratio. I'd assume it was fourth used, but I'm curious.

FYI - JWT cams, Hotshot Header, 2" mandrel bent exhaust, Hotshot CAI,  
Fidanza Flywheel, UR pulley, OE intake spacers - probably a couple of  
other things but you get the idea. Compression: 1 - 155; 2 - 152; 3 -  
155; 4 - 152


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