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Mark Holden mark at
Tue Apr 8 00:01:22 CDT 2008

The 99-01 Altima alternator is a 100A unit.  As a cheap easy upgrade, it's a
nice choice.  It's good to hear that it swaps straight in and it's probably
a better fit for most people.

In my case, my car is a rally car, and when the lightbar is mounted and on,
it will be drawing over 60A in lighting alone, so I didn't even look at the
Altima units.

I swapped the pulley not because I had to to make it fit, but because the
smaller Maxima/Altima pulley (both use a 63mm pulley), compared to the 70mm
pulley on the Sentra would have meant that the alternator would be
overdriven.  Besides taking a bit more power from the engine, I was
concerned that long-duration high rpm situations (like my car will see)
would burn out the alternator.

-Mark Holden

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 8:03 PM, Charles Smith <fonqueu at> wrote:

>  I swapped in a 99-01 altima alternator into my NX. I read on the
> sr20forum that it outputs 120 amps, although i was unable to confirm that.
> However, the installation was straight forward. It was a direct swap, I
> didnt even swap the pulley. The altima alternator housing is slightly larger
> than an sr20 alternator housing. The pulley on the altima alty is smaller in
> diameter than the NX2K alternator, but it falls in line with the sr20 drive
> belts. I still have the stock pulley just incase something unfotunate
> happens down the line. I have had it on for several months without issue. I
> picked it up at a local junkyard for $50.
> The maxima alternator sounds like alot more work, since all of the
> connectors on the altima alty are exactly the same as the sr20 alternator.
> Charlie
> 92 NX2K
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