SE-R Replacement

Wayne wc701lists at
Fri Feb 15 11:41:10 CST 2008

Eric Waterman wrote:
> That WRX must have been a 2.0, not the 2.5.  Our Forester when it had 
> the stock turbo, had no lack of torque and turbo lag was very small.  
> With the new turbo, it has a bit more lag, but not that bad that you 
> have to keep the revs up for it to pass people.
It was a 2.5L -- a 2006 wagon.  In 5th gear on the highway at 65-ish, I could floor it and there was practically NO change in speed.  Same thing around town.  And I am NOT one to short shift a car or be striving to get into the gas-saving gear ASAP.  I found I had to downshift it to get much throttle response, then BAM it was stupid fast.  But seemingly no in between.  I've always worried if I had a turbo car, my driving style would blow the engine in short order, so I figured it wasn't for me.

Dan mentioned mods really waking the car up.  But I didn't want to buy a brand new car and start modding it right away.  Maybe that was a mistake.  Turbos generally seem easy to hop up a good amount.

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