SR20 20th ?!?

David Pertuz davidpertuz at
Thu Feb 14 15:31:02 CST 2008

The qualities that I love about my SE-R are ones that I still want in a 
(hypothetical) new car, and while one can still find such cars, you do 
give up some nimbleness and light weight, even if you gain foo-foo 
(where did Jim F. go? :) ) features. If I were to buy a new car it would 
probably come down to a Mazda 3 (non-turbo) or a GTI, and while I might 
prefer the GTI I'd likely get the Mazda anyway b/c of the reliability. 
But while my G20 gets 31-36 mpg (at or above EPA rating) on trips and my 
SE-R, when I still took it on trips, slightly less, even a regular mazda 
3 is only rated at 30 or 31. I am so used to pretty good mileage that it 
is practically a requirement for me, but hard to meet with C-segment 
cars, never mind D-segment. A Mini would be so much fun, but not the 
most reliable, and a little too small even in Clubman form. I suspect 
(b/s I haven't driven one) that a Civic with more low-end torque would 
fit the SE-R-ness bill very well. The (relative) torquiness and 
flexibility of the SE-R is one of the things I really like about it.


P.S. Ron, still got your old header on my B13! :)

Ron A wrote:
> I just went through the thought process of what to get. I'm keeping my 
> 92 SE-R for work, but was scratching my head on what to buy, now, to 
> eventually replace it. I considered a V6 Mazda 6 stick, but it's kind 
> of slow and not so reliable. Civic? I considered it, but not fast 
> enough. Nice car though. The Si is too pricey and the premium aspect 
> didn't work for me on that car. Altima, the new design? I like it, but 
> the V6 version is pricey and I'm not fond of the button to start it. 
> How do you put it into accessory to listen to the radio? I'd love to 
> have a Mazdaspeed 3, but that was above my budget. All the magazines 
> love that car though.
> I ended up with a 2006 V6 Accord 2 door, 6 speed. According to the 
> magazines, 5.9 0-60 and regular gas. With premium, more power.
> I still like certain aspects of my SE-R better. I feel more 
> comfortable driving it in heavy traffic and I feel like the handling 
> is at least as good.
> Ron
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