SR20 20th ?!?

Ivan Chou chou.ivan at
Thu Feb 14 08:32:17 CST 2008

That's a good point.  The EVO is far too pricey, even though I like what
they've done with the MR model.  The B13 SE-R was what, $14-15K new?  The
sleeper factor was one of the major qualities.  The best match I'd say in
today's equivalent price range ($18-20K) is probably the Mazda 3s or the
Civic Si sedan.  I really like the Honda Fit: small, nimble, and < 2500
lbs.   If only they could boost the engine output a little bit to oh, say,
around a 2.0L 140-HP engine? :)


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 7:49 AM, R. Blair Judson <purenergy at>

> Do you really think so? To me, the EVO is expen$ive, way more powerful,
> and alot heavier. No one makes a lightweight, inexpensive, fun to drive,
> giant killer anymore (except for Lotus, but that really doesn't count as
> inexpensive).
> --- On Wed 02/13, mike kojima < choaderboy2 at > wrote:
> The EVO is the car that captures much of what the old
> SE-R was about.
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