SR20 20th ?!?

Wayne wc701lists at
Wed Feb 13 20:53:24 CST 2008

Wow, it occurred to me the SR20 is coming up on 20 years old.  What were 
the first vehicles it was available in?  It was certainly in prototype 
by the late 80s, and the 91 SE-R was probably on sale by fall 1990.  I 
think it was available earlier outside the US.

I know I've been on the mailing list with a lot of ya' since 1994-ish. 
Damn, I was 25 when I bought the first SE-R in Dec 1991, and 41 now.

My RSX is just *wrong* in many ways, despite its good points. 
(wrong-wheel-drive toping the list)  But what the hell else is on the 
market.  Mazda 3?  The BMW 1 series is tempting, but look like it's 
going to be a lot more expensive than projected.  BLAH!  WHAA!

-Wayne    '06 RSX-S / '93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '90 Miata

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