Small Problem (Hesitation) After Installation of JWT Hotshot Header

Wayne wc701lists at
Thu Dec 20 11:24:07 CST 2007

James Brown wrote:
> Can you please post this to the SE-R group?

That happens automatically when subscribers post to the list.

> The problem I have is when I try to maintain speed.  FYI: I drive on the 
> autobahn almost every day.  It then hesitates, shudders, you get that 
> back and forth stutter.

I don't think any of your mods are directly responsible.  I'd check for a bad electrical connection to the MAF sensor, or bad grounding to it.  And for intake leaks.  Some cars develop cracks in the rubber intake hose when they get older.

I have a scan of Nissan's diagnostic flowchart here:

You might also check -- they're the experts on the 1.6L.

   -Wayne    '06 RSX-S / '93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '90 Miata

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