Small Problem (Hesitation) After Installation of JWT Hotshot Header

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Thu Dec 20 10:34:47 CST 2007

Good Afternoon,


Can you please post this to the SE-R group?


I have a 1991, NX, 1.6 liter which I purchased new here in Kaiserslautern.
It was built during Feb 1991.  I have been the only owner.


I have 215,000 miles on the car.  I purchased it I June of 1991 at the Auto
Exchange, Kaiserslautern, Germany.  They sell U.S. Spec vehicles to members
of the U. S. Forces.  


Not long ago, July 2007, I had installed a Low Inertia Flywheel, High
Performance Pressure Plate, Clutch disc  and Hotshot header.   I also had a
Borsal louvered exhaust/muffler installed and there are no leaks I can find.
Car sounds great, has much better pick and slow down times. Gas mileage is
about 33 miles per gallon so far with this problem.


I noticed that once the engine warmed up I found a problem.   I did notice
much while the engine was cold, but as the motor reached running temperature
I experienced a hesitation in the engine.  


It idles just fine and the better performance is noticeable when giving it
more gas.  And when I remove my foot from the gas pedal it decelerates just


The problem I have is when I try to maintain speed.  FYI: I drive on the
autobahn almost every day.  It then hesitates, shudders, you get that back
and forth stutter.


Has anyone experienced this problem?  


I have thought it might be a leak in one of the intake sections, or perhaps
the ECU might have gone bad.  They did some welding on the vehicle and I
know they did not disconnect the battery, the radio worked when I picked it
up, I have tried regular and super gas, no difference.  I also changed the
distributor, rotor, plug wires and spark plugs.


I intend to put a 2.0 liter DET into it when I get back to the states, but
that might be at least 6 months to a year.


I would appreciate any and all recommendations/ suggestions.


Thanks for letting me air this problem


Jim Brown

011.49.6371.463555 Home: Tel/Fax

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