looking for info from SOCAL folks

davidpertuz at mindspring.com davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 19 13:25:53 CST 2007

Is there still a SOCAL-SERCA mailing list?

If not, fo those people (or y'all here who are in the LA area) populate the Socal section of the SR20 forum (old no-dash forum of new with-dash forum?)

I am job hunting and saw a position in Santa Monica that was too good not to at least apply for. I don't have much interest in moving to LA, but what the hell. I love Detroit but the economy sort of sucks. If it gets serious there are big relationship issue to consider (my GF lives in Chicago, where i'm also looking for jobs, but I'm not so sure she'd have much interest in LA either) but that's a bridge I'll cross when t to it. 

I don't know squat about LA (I've spent a grand total of half a day there, driving through) and would like to talk to some people who live there. Supposing this gets more serious (I got a call today from them because they're interested in me) I'd like to know more about where I could live that's close, what surrounding communities are like, is there anything that could give me a lifestyle sort oflike the one I have here (fat chance, but it's worth trying0, and so on.


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