rod bearing noise....again?!

davidpertuz at davidpertuz at
Tue Dec 18 11:06:37 CST 2007

Well, I've never done that with any of my cars, so no fears there. Since I didn't drive the G20 a lot thi syear (I was mostly driving cars for work) I did stretch out the last oil change through forgetfulness (8k or so on Mobil One) but that is not really egregious for synthetic, it's only one change, and oil level was always good.

When I replaced the bearings during the swap I replaced them with the same grade bearings as came out, since everything looked good. I did not mike or plastigauge anything. Think maybe that's advisable when I do the SE-R's bearings. What works easiest given the room available? E.g. no room for a micrometer with the crank in the car. Might as well I make sure to do everything super-right, esp. on a high-mileage engine.


>Reving the engine to high rpms before the oil has had time to heat up 
>can cause premature rod bearing failure. Only thing I know of to cause 
>this on an otherwise good engine.
>-Ben Fenner
>1994 Black SE-R (VEMS, going turbo)

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