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I know, I am late to the party.... again but:
I like the Wiki idea as well.  Taking time to make sure the information is correct along with proper grammar and spelling would go a long way in adding to the credibility factor.  In retrospect, I think I got faster answers to pertinent questions through the mailing list than I ever got/found on the forums, (IF they were not already covered in an FAQ).  I would like to see the updated to complete/update the FAQ and maintenance sections (My Dad now has a 1991 SE-R so I am back on the B13/SR kick).  I always liked the community of the mailing list, but felt a bit out of touch (or was it old?) on the forums.  It is nice to see a lot of you are still around.  FWIW, the Datsun 510 (Bluebird) mailing list community went to a forum (actually it was a bunch of competing and regional forums) a few years back though most of the hard core people remained on the mailing list and now most member have returned.  I suppose being that the 510 is REALLY old technology, the mailing list is fitting....  :)Erik Halvorson
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