Upgrading the alternator

Steve Obert obert at snet.net
Tue Nov 27 20:32:07 CST 2007

On my pro-rally 510, back a few years, I had a couple of alternator issues.
1.  They would fail once in a while from overwork and the belts would slip
with a heavy load on the alternator and hard acceleration.

My ultimate solution was to mount 2 alternators.  I looked into how they ran
2 alternators on twin engine aircraft and found out there was nothing
special to do just put them in.

I ended up with 1 60 amp internal regulator and one 50 amp external
regulator ( upgraded to solid state ).  The 2 alternators would nicely share
the load proportionally between them with no issues at all.  I even had
switches on the dash to turn either off.  I was able to underdrive the
pulleys and do away with any belt problems.  No megabucks high output
alternators 2 different belts so totally redundant.  The second was mounted
on a modified smog pump bracket.

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