Mazdaspeed 3

Steve Hirsch shirsch at
Fri Oct 27 14:18:52 CDT 2006

Things have really changed in the last 5 years.  The 2002 WRX was a 
pretty quick car when it came here in 01, despite the turbo lag and 
anemic off-boost performance.  But by today's standards, yeah your 
average Camry/Accord can keep up w/ one from a roll.  But the car really 
does wake up w/ an ECU reprogram and turbo-back exhaust.

As for the 5 spd tranny, this comes up in Subaru forums all the time. 
There are ppl running 300+ WHP who've gone 100kmi w/ no problems and 
there are ppl who've broken gears within the warranty period at stock 
power levels.  It all depends on how abusively you drive (ie dont try to 
spin 4 wheels on dry pavement).  But everyone generally agrees that the 
syncros suck and the ratios are too widely spaced which doesnt help the 
syncros one bit...

04 WRX, "Stage 2" (ECU + TBE)
93 SE-R, 215 kmi, still runs great.

Mike Jez wrote:
>  I didn’t want a WRX simply 
> because I just didn’t like how it feels very gutless stock, and after 
> working for Subaru as a tech and rebuild a lot of those 5spd trannies I 
> said no way.
> 93 Legacy
> 91 Legend

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