Mazdaspeed 3 (was: do you miss your car)

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Wed Oct 25 15:12:27 CDT 2006

My wife drives a Mazda 3 5 door.  It doesn't have the new direct
injected turbo motor in it so it could use a power boost but the
suspension and brakes on this car are awesome.  Every car enthusiast I
know who sees it think the brakes on this are after market products.
They are absolutely huge.  I'd seriously look at the mazda 3 and take
one out for a good test drive, you won't be disappointed in handling or
braking.  I'd love to throw a good turbo on it but will wait till the
warranty has run.  The only complaint I have about the car is the final
drive ratio.  It is too low a gear for my liking and cruises at too high
an rpm but great for scootin' around town or at the track.  The direct
injected turbo might have a better final drive ratio as it is
considerably more powerful.

Rick frey

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John A. Heer wrote:
> performance if I can help it. The Mazdaspeed 3 tested faster than the
> WRX or EVO, but it is only front-wheel drive. At 263 HP, it sounds

C&D tested an Evo MR at 13.6 in the 1/4. The MS3 did 14.4. Definitely 
not faster than the Evo. A WRX tested at 14.6. A stock WRX comes with 
wimpy all season tires also. The MS3 had way more aggressive tires. I 
considered an MS3 (I have not driven one) but I'm already waiting in 
line for my next car and the MS3 is supposed to be limited to 5000 cars 
a year for the US which is 15,000 less than the car I'm waiting for. No 
thanks. It's probably already too late to get in line for an 07. There 
is currently a $2500 rebate on the Mazdaspeed6 which puts it in the same

price range as this car (check bought my Spec V from 
there) and it runs the 1/4 in 14 flat (C&D) and has AWD.

04 Spec V
04 Tundra
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