do you miss your car

Khiem Dinh spdracerut at
Wed Oct 25 18:09:53 CDT 2006

Mike... I just saw a spy pic somewhere of the Alitma
coupe... I guess it is real!

Performance and practicality wise, the Evo is hard to
beat.  I rag mine out with no fear of destroying 3rd
gear and the handling/steering feel is simply amazing.
 Do not expect a nice/luxury interior though... this
thing is only meant to be driven.  The radio sucks,
the gauges suck, the fan blower is weak, the materials
feel cheap, but damn is it fun to drive!  Now I just
need some power mods to make it as fast as my t25/s3
cams se-r (in a straight line).

One of my buddies just picked up a Mazdaspeed 3 a
couple weeks ago and it's very very nice.  If you're
going to leave it relatively stock, it's a great car. 
Rides a bit softer than the Evo but the body is still
very well controlled.  Felt like it had less lag than
the Evo too.  And the interior is quite a bit nicer
though the radio is not easily modded.  If I hadn't
gotten the Evo, I would've probably picked up the MS3.
 Basically, the MS3 trades some of extreminess of the
Evo for nice stuff.  


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