SS brake lines for NX

Christos Pronios hpro at
Fri Oct 20 08:43:05 CDT 2006

Greg Vogel at

Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Brake lines have good reputation but I do not
know anyone that actually used them.
1.6 to 2.0: I cannot say that they are the same. They probably are but
since the calipers are way different maybe there are differences in the
ends (bbanjo connectors).

B13 ARE identical to NX (which BTW is also a B13).


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From: "Andy Cheung"

> Hey guys,
> Have you guys heard of Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Brake lines?? found
> them on but didn't say if those lines are for 1.6 or 2.0.
> Btw, do B13s have the same brake lines?? Maybe it's easier to get those
> than NXs??

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