Axxis pads (was: test of new server)

Raymond Kawski sr20de at
Thu Oct 19 10:08:31 CDT 2006

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 19:08:27 -0400, Matthew Ostlund wrote

> John, just use cheap pads on the rear.  With the big 258mm rear 
> brakes you don't need 'good' pads.  In fact they might cause the 
> rear to lock up before the fronts.


I'm running Carbotech Panther XP10's in the front with Fastbrakes 11" kit 
and Carbotech Panther XP8's in the rear with A32 Maxima rears with an Altima 
master cylinder on my turbo car.

I'm running Carbotech XP9's in the front with stock NX calipers and 
Carbotech Panther XP8's in the rear on stock NX calipers on my VE NX stock 
NX master cylinder.

Even on the street the fronts lock up before the rear on both cars.  I 
toasted some metal masters in the rear of the NX that had been on there for 
a while.  I bought $30 cheapo pads and they were half gone after one track 
day on the NX.

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