Axxis pads (was: test of new server)

Bill Conner annapolis13315 at
Wed Oct 18 17:33:02 CDT 2006

I use Axxis Ultimates on the rear of my track car with Panther Plus on 
the front -- it's a good combination for me.  The Ulitmates have given 
me good performance of the street, but the fronts dust horribly.  Not so 
bad for dusting on the rear.

wmc2004aug at wrote:
> At 04:38 PM 10/18/2006, you wrote:
>> So, I need new rear pads for my G20 upgrade on my SE-R. I recall from the
> "G20 upgrade" -- what did you do to it?
>> For mixed street/autocross use, are any of these Axxis product lines 
>> recommended by the List intelligencia? If not, any recommendations for 
>> reasonably priced REAR pads?
> I've never done any track stuff -- just street and autox.  I've managed 
> to get front Axxis pads to erupt into stinky white smoke on the street, 
> even after I broke 'em in.  They STILL had bite!
> But the backs -- I always go with Nissan OEM.  They just don't seem to 
> contribute enough to braking to need anything radical.  I have tried 
> cheap Advance Auto "metallic" pads that were like having no rear brakes 
> at all (try pushing the button and puling up the e-brake handle to gauge 
> how much the rears are doing.)  The OEMs bite nicely, hot or cold.  But 
> I can't see getting the rears hot enough to need anything radical unless 
> you're going full track racing.
>    -Wayne  '06 RSX-S / 93 SE-R / '93 NK2k / '90 Miata
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