Who has plans waiting in the wings?

Raymond Kawski sr20de at e-rak.com
Sun Aug 20 08:54:15 CDT 2006

On Sat, 19 Aug 2006 09:48:47 -0500, Ben Fenner wrote

> the time comes. There's no need to make this long just because mine
> is. Here's mine:

Hehe mine is probably just as long:

1.) Pull motor from 377,000 mile car and install into Clint Fong's 270K
chassis as it is in far better shape then mine but has rod knock.
2.) Clean up motor from my T-top NX and install it into new to me Hardtop NX
and build it as an ITA legal car.
3.) Put new wheel bearing, spindle, axle, rear pads, rotors all the way
around and rebuild front calipers on the T-Top VVL NX2000.
4.) Remove exhaust and install front and rear sway bars, install rear
bushings, install pillar pod and new gauges, have exhaust modified to clear
newly installed sway bars, have waste gate dump welded into new exhaust on
the Turbo B14.
5.) Bleed brakes on the Titan.

> Oh, and I need to find the time to do it all.

Time is the biggest problem for me.   Like you have I have most of the parts
sitting on the shelf.  With the exception of the Racecar I have nothing for
it but the motor.

Raymond A. Kawski

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