Who has plans waiting in the wings?

David Pertuz davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 19 10:35:24 CDT 2006

>Who here has modification/repair plans they've been putting off for one
>reason or another?
>I want to know what you plan on doing, why you're holding off doing it,
>and if you'll be needing the list's help for information when the time
>comes. There's no need to make this long just because mine is. Here's mine:

Oh, yes! I have a whole page of stuff waiting, and have been
procrastinating like a champ for absolutely no good reason at all. The list
is something like this:

1)Replace brakes - needs pads and rotors front and rear, and new fluid.
I've had everything for a couple of months, but keep putting it off weekend
anfter weekend. I tell myself I'll do it this weekend (it's raining today -
bad Dream Cruise weather) but that's what I said last weekend, too. It is
embarrassing to drive.
2)Diagnose and fix frustrating charge system problem. My charge lights are
on all the time now but my DVM tells me I am overcharging (~17V at the
battery and at the alternator), I'm no my second OE-replacement alternator
and I just do not believe that I got two successive bad Nissan alternators
with bad regulators that only overcharge.
3)Wash and vacuum.

1)Replace rear brake rotors and pads. I got a rebuild kit for the calipers
but since it is sort of a PITA I think I'd rather just drop the originals,
which are in a box, off for a rebuild.
2)Axles - was just going to replace the outer boots, which are cracking,
but I'm pretty sure my right pull is due to an axle, so it seems better to
just get Raxle rebuilds.
3)New outer tie rod ends and rack boots
4)replace rear a/r bar endlink bushing that disappeared and makes it sound
like I have a lot of lumber in the trunk
5)Find source of water leak into trunk, fix, and hit the incipient rust on
the lower trunk seam with a wire brush and converter
6)Do something about the rust in front of the left door hinges because,
several years ago, I forgot to clean the leaves out of the bottom of the
fender. Surprisingly for having spent 8 years in Michigan, this is the only
rust on the car.
7)!@#$ trunk spring
8) Rod bearings - after 225k, they're starting to tick a bit.
9)New gear oil
10) Replace front speakers

Garage Queen:
1) Fix the damn thing and sell it so I can put my poor Fiat in the garage.

No further mods planned - I'd rather spend the money on the Fiat or save
it. Well, maybe new track tires next year if I start doing track events again.


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