Who has plans waiting in the wings?

Ben Fenner fenfam at sc.rr.com
Sat Aug 19 09:48:47 CDT 2006

I'm wondering how many people are in a similar situation to the one I'm in.

Who here has modification/repair plans they've been putting off for one
reason or another?
I want to know what you plan on doing, why you're holding off doing it,
and if you'll be needing the list's help for information when the time
comes. There's no need to make this long just because mine is. Here's mine:

1) Replace window glass/weather stripping.
2) Helicoil tranny side engine mount bolt hole.
3) Possibly finish sealing roof leak with silicone.
4) Fix speedometer (extra tranny seal is the culprit).
5) Replace front, lower "A" arms. Install harder bushings in the process.
6) Adjust/fix hand brake cables.
7) Install rear wheel spacers (involves cutting the hub ring, and
installing longer wheel studs.

All of the parts needed for the above are paid for, and most I have in
my hands. I'm waiting on the driver-side window glass and weather
stripping to get started. Oh, and I need to find the time to do it all.
That shouldn't be a problem as my girlfriend goes back to college soon
(she's a junior).

All of the modifications below aren't happening yet mostly because of
money constraints. The money situation has basically been the same
throughout the three years of my SE-R ownership. Every now and again I
throw $1,000+ or so at the car in the form of wheels, or front brakes.
More often I put some $100-$300 upgrade on it like the rear battery
mounting, smaller steering wheel, rear strut bar, progressive sway bar,
stiffer engine mounts, short throw shifter... You get the idea. I've
held off on almost all power mods, because I don't want to fall ino that
trap before I have the money to do it. (And I believe in making other
things better first.) (And not much can be done to the N/A motor that
won't have to be un-done once I go forced induction.)
As I enter my last year in college (six years total) I'm seeing the
money situation change a bit. The modifications below should move from
the back burner to the front soon.

1) Install larger rear brake set-up along with new master cylinder. I'll
need help finding the part number for the larger rear rotor with the 4 x
100 mm bolt pattern that I've heard so much about a hwile ago.

2) Install two-way adjustable coil-overs. I'm still thinking about going
with a suspension from (Scott) ShigSpeed. If he's not doing it anymore,
or if I can get a much better deal from Bits & Pieces Motorsports (check
out Project Racer at www.nissanperformancemagazine.com in the May 2006
issue) than I will probably go with their set-up. I may need help from
the list for misc stuff, not sure yet.

3) Transmission/clutch/preassure plate/flywheel upgrade. I'm still not
sure what's available, and what I want to do. The original idea is for
something like Mike's dog box with straight cut gears. But then again,
I'm really not sure what I'm going to do. The goal is to be able to
handle 350 HP with stock reliability.

4) Power mods. I'm going turbo, and I want the equal length, half
resonance Hotshot header from Project SE-R Turbo. If it's not available,
I'll go with the typical tubular header (with external wastegate?). I
may need some help from the list deciding what I want Jim Wolf to do to
my CPU, what size/type turbo to buy, where to get the fuel
pump/injectors, where to get the GTi-R pistons/rods, etc.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Black SE-R

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