Transmission Source?

Charlie Guthrie smplmchn at
Sun Jun 18 20:10:10 CDT 2006

Our '92 SE-R came home from tech school with what sounded like a
separated tire belt, roaring sound with a "beat" in time with the tire
rotation. With the front wheels off the ground the noise was still there
from low speed right on up. A quick visit to the Axle-Connection and we
were told that the axles looked OK.
We checked the transmission lube and found it very low. Refilling did
not cure the noise (duh); hope springs eternal.
Has anyone had success with a re-builder or importer? We replaced the
engine several years ago with a JDM import and that went quite well.
If this was not a track car in it's off hours it would probably be time
to shoot it, but my son time trials the car and it has been a good
friend. If they can save race horses with broken legs, we should be able
to breathe new life into this beast.
Charlie G

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