Life after an SE-R (WRX,EVO)

Matthew Blackmon segoy at
Fri May 26 10:16:59 CDT 2006

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Wayne said...
> It seemed hard to drive at a slow pace, like in city traffic.  It
> either bogged or lugged at low rpm.  Or with a little throttle was
> like BAM! turbo kicking in NOW!  It seemed to lack a middle ground,
> power wise.  Similarly with the steering, it seemed a little
> disconnected - don't get me wrong, the thing flew through corners
> like it was reading my mind, and the grip was nearly unshakable;  but
> it  seemed difficult to really accurately place it in a lane, eg:
> trying to drive a proper racing line.  Maybe it was just because
> things were happening do damn fast, it overwhelmed me!

Back in 2004 I moved from a well-moded 200SX to a stock WRX sedan. While
I loved the confidence that came from the AWD, and the excellent
on-boost acceleration, I do agree with your assessment that the car
seemed to have a Jekel/Hyde thing going on. Near the end of my time with
the WRX I purchased a Cobb AccessPort and that really
(really!) improved the car's manners off boost (and contributed to some
constabulary interaction on). With just the AP, the WRX put down 208 whp.

Like Mike, I recently picked up an EVO, this an '05 MR Edition. All I
can say about it is wow. I have never driven a car that had all of the
traits you would want in a car in one package at the same time. The
steering is quick, direct, and precise like a scalpel. When off boost
the car is predictable and does not feel anemic like my WRX did. When on
boost, well, let's just say that I can keep up with Z-06 Corvettes and
their like. This car is putting down 336 whp, and gets 22 mpg in blended
driving (better than I managed with my WRX or SE-R w/ S4 cams).

In the spirit of fairness, though, my EVO retailed almost $10k more than
my WRX, and an STI would be a much more fair comparison. Having gone
AWD, I'll not be looking back soon.

2005 EVO VIII MR Edition
2001 Ducati ST4
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