Idle Problem

Jim McClure jmm at
Thu Jan 26 21:25:38 CST 2006

'92 Sentra SE-R, 176,000 miles.

Starts easily and will idle for the first 15 seconds with no problem.

After that it runs very rough.  Especially rough below 1500 rpm.  When I come to a stop it goes dead.  I
have to keep the right foot partly on the brake and partly on the accelerator to keep it running.

After it gets warm, about 8 minutes, it is better.  If I'm driving and come to a light, it goes dead.
But if I rev the engine a little as I come to a stop, it settles into an 800 rpm idle.  And it will idle
at 800 with no problem.

Changed the plugs and clecked the distributer rotor and cap.

The web says that are five idle control circuits.  I will start through all the check out procedures, but
wanted to ask you guys first.


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