The Moment Nobody was Waiting For...

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Thu Jan 26 19:01:16 CST 2006

On 1/26/06, Jon Pennington <cowboydren at> wrote:

> I have some pictures of my ugly car now! :)

I'm sorry; it was rude of me to omit the fact that it's a '94 G20t,
manual trans, it used to be black, and it's BONE stock.  It has a new
Key Value clutch, a few new boots and bushings here and there, but the
car is mostly in maintenance mode.

AGX shocks are on order, as are a new pair of Raxles, and what I needs
replaced will be replaced with polyurethane wherever possible, and
mostly Nissan where poly isn't practical.  The sway bar bushings and
the one end link set will be poly, Prothane motor mounts are going to
be modified to fit the G20 mount locations.  Hopefully next year, it
will have the B13 rear bushing kit from ES, the P10 front bushing kit
(high caster option) from SuperPro, and a set of Tein S.Tech springs.

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