Lisa Hlava lmhlava at mac.com
Sun Jul 3 13:21:58 CDT 2005

There a quite a few owners in the Tampa area... very few of them have
ever been a member of the list, though. I still get my
notice's/responses from here on a regular basis, I just don't
participate much, anymore. Despite all I've learned and done with my
car, I'm still pretty ignorant, so unless I'm sure of an answer, I keep
my mouth shut.

Now, if you need any help with the iacv, tb, maf, wheels, brakes,
wai's, cai's and other simple stuff... I might know the answer;). As
the kids( 5 yr. old, twin 21/2 yr. old) get older, I have less and less
time to devote to the car.

Jay Whitely is still around, busy as ever and still has a long waiting
list of people who want his services. I don't hang much with the se-r
crowd around here, so I'm pretty much in the dark about the car you're
looking for... though I have seen a handful of white Classics, similar
to mine, around.


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